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    First i want to tell you all thanks i am a new bie learnd so much already about my chargriller and all the mods i live nothern utah all my life which is a few years past the big 50 was in houston and other texas cities got hooked smoking then glad i found this forum also got jeffs book and first brisket today keep ya posted
  2. Glad you joined good luck with the brisket. I get Jeff's weekly newletter and have done things from it and enjoyed them. Good luck with other cooks and keep smoking.
  3. Hey Woody, A big hello and welcome from East Texas, How did that brisket turn out ?

    Gary S
  4. wooder

    wooder Newbie

    Lots of varaibles on sunday of course wind wa the big one but i put welders blanket over the smoker temp stay 225 threw the whole i was happy with it think i need to look at a better quality of meat and do some more moifications like aldler suggesded,least over the fear of my 1st brisquit thanks down in good eastern t

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