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Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by dutch, May 21, 2006.

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    From what I read you should never use sweet gum tree wood for smoking as it can be poisonous.
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    Regarding painted wood.

    I am just getting into seriously smoking. Previously I've just bought chunks in the store, but thats a waste of money IMHO when I can cut the wood myself. I had planned to color code my wood so that I couldn't confuse it if I split the bark off the pieces. Would a small "dot" of colored spray paint be that detrimental? I understand the impacts of the chemicals, but as far as taste/flavor will it hurt anything?
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    i aint have a supply of what ya all have recommended. sure have a supply of off cuts from construction of #2 kiln dried spruce. These are fresh of a pallet..also and pallets of oak; but these are usually painted or treated with a wood preservative..or with whom knows what.the only other choice i may have is some store bought hickory or maple. but abit pricy.we dont have a any trees; so my budget and choice is rather limited.how much (the store bought stuff i refer to come in kg. bags or about 2.2 lbs.) of wood would i need to smoke some Arctic Char. Reading seems about 2 to 4 hr. after a brine, on a electric plate. but the required heat could be troublesome.lastly, do i need a stainless mesh type of grate to place the filet's on?our traditional way is to fillet 2 sides of the fish; tail on, spine off and hang them in the wind and sun. it really seems to drip off the fatty oils and the cubes (still on skin) become crunchy on the outside; and soft on the inner. Very very good, and i'm contemplating just hanging these in a plywood smoker with spruce as a smoke source..lil' smoke then finish off drying in the traditional method. We call this pipsi. that is, fillet em, skin on, and hang them on a hanger (wood or rope). but i'd like to experiment.why not spruce?tks.Caribou
  5. wow that lot of wood!! i have found that hickory is simply the best hands down. i have tried plum, peach and maple
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    i meant that the spruce is from a factory. on skids. there's other stuff which are either white or red oak.; usually second or 3rd hand cuts to make pallets to carry other stuff.
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    If you smoke with spruce you will probably ruin your fish, It will probably taste like pine.
    Your best bet is the oak but if it has been treated with anything DO NOT USE IT!!! Chemicals that treat or seal or preserve wood are not suitable for human consumption!
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    I have used pallet cut offs to smoke with (red oak) but be darn certain the wood is not treated. If you can verify no chemicals have been used; smoke away my friend.
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    how much wood doe's one usually need for a 4 hour smoke?

    much obliged.

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    I have seen sassafras sold for smoking, so is it true it is unsuitable?

    CountryBoy19 ,have you considered some kind of food coloring?
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    I understand that Ash is an acceptable wood to use but does that apply to all varieties of Ash? I have a big ol' Evergreen Ash in my backyard & occasionally trim it back to open it up & to keep the limbs off the house.

    Has anyone used Evergreen Ash? Here is a pic of one of the cuttings with a fresh sprig of leaves for reference...


    Also, is Plum usable? I didn't see it on the list.

    Thanks Guys.
  12. It's listed in the fruit wood section as usable.
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    i have wood stove and burn shaggy bark juniper can it be use to smoke with???? its not in the list of good or bad
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    I don't know for sure but did a quick search and came up with this so before you try it do some more research

    "Avoid resinous woods, like pine, willow and juniper, for cooking"
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    It looks like it would be ok, but not sure, heres a bit I found on the internet.

    This tree is grouped into the olive family, Oleaceae. The genus was classified by Carolus Linnaeus in the 18th century, and named from the ancient Latin term for the European ash species, Fraxinus excelsior. Today genus Fraxinus contains about 65 species of trees, most of which are native to the north temperate zone. This uniquely evergreen species is among the exceptions that originates closer to the tropics in Mexico. It was classified by the German botanist, Theodor Wenzib, 1824-1892. This variety, Majestic Beauty, or 'Monus' was developed by Monrovia Nursery Co. in California and introduced in 1968. The ability of ash species to grow in the far north makes them one of the most cold hardy deciduous species.

    Its wood is exceptionally hard and became the traditional material for axe handles.
  16. Thanks for the great info. I need to scour up some local orange or lemon wood from the area...

    I am planning on picking up a couple bags of Peach wood from Myron Mixon

    A little Pricey at $40 for a 10 LB bag however
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    Go here  http://www.fruitawoodchunks.com/fruita-wood-chunks---peach1.html    u can get a 10# box split and debarked for 25.00 and FREE SHIPPING!  Myron had enought money he done need mine lol. I got chunks from these guys are they are good to go.

    On the order page under "Comments" MAKE SURE you tell them NO BARK unless you want it. I have not found any difference but you might want it naked lol
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  18. Thanks for the tip Mr500!

    I just ordered15 lbs of peachwood. What a great place.
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    Not  problem. I found trhem to be and OK bunch of guys. Ships nicely packed from USPS.

    Have good one

  20. I see Cottonwood listed as an accepted wood for smoking, is this true?  I have over 6 cords of cottonwood for my fireplace.  I would like to try this for smoking.  Thanks, Steve

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