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  1. where does everybody in the Phoenix area purchase their wood splits for their smoker?  I recently purchased a BTLE and did some mods.  I have just been getting the 25 lb hickory bags from HD but am curious to what others do for their wood supply.
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    I bought wood in splits in North Phoenix.  I Got some Pecan, Mesquite,  Apple, (they have other fruit woods too)  and seems like I also got a little bit of Oak from them.  I don't think they have hickory...but Pecan is Arizona's Hickory as they say ... GRIN ....They also sell other woods, but mostly for fireplaces etc.

    The phone number is 623-680-9171 - I found them very reasonable....and they will sell you virtually any quantities that you will need - down to a paper bag size.

    They currently have an ad on Craigslist.....

    FIREWOOD and COOKING WOOD - $20  (Firewood and Cooking Wood in N. Phx.)

    Hope it helps !!!
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  3. ok thanks for the advice.  i have seen their ad in craigslist and was curious, but now i have a recommendation from a past customer!
  4. This might be the same place, but their address is 

    1416 E Aire Libre Ave

    Phoenix, AZ 85022

    There are two houses on this street that sell a good variety of wood. Much better pricing than anywhere else I've seen.
  5. One of the houses is Firewood by Jerry, which google maps has down on Greenway and 7th St, which is incorrect.
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    The Aire Libre address is the one I have used... Great to deal with.  
  7. Yes I just bought some apple and pecan that paired well with the pork butt and ribs I smoked this weekend. $15 for each barrel.
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    Thanks for the tips.  I just started with smoking and have been buying the small bags from Lowes/Home Depot.  I'll definitely be visiting these folks soon.  It's starting to cool down a bit and perfect weather for smoking. 

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