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  1. I've been on vacation all week from work. Needless to say I was getting a little restless and bored. I went my fathers wood shop. He has gotten into making chairs. I found a nice piece of Walnut and decided to try my hand at making a spoon. I cut the rough shape of the spoon on the band saw and shaped it with a spoke shave, rasp and chisel. I think it turned out very well. I need to get some food safe mineral oil to put on it yet, but here are some pictures of it...[​IMG]

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    Nice job!
  3. Nice job!

    I always just rubbed down my wood products with veggie oil... is there a benefit to the mineral oil?
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  4. Veggie and olive oil can turn rancid if you don't use them often. It is better than nothing however. You always gotta protect your wood. You'd hate to put it in something that would make it rot! Hahaha, all pun intended!
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    Nice job on the spoon. I would just use vegtable oil too!
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    Nice job on the spoon! I'll take half a dozen and some spatulas too!!
  7. Thanks! I'm actually working on a spatula...It's taking a little more time than the spoon. I'm considering making some to sell. 
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    I just bought a set of spoon and spatules from BB&B for $10 bucks for three of each. (Calphalon) I think there Birch.
  9. Calphalon makes some great products. I really like their pots and pans. The quality of the non-stick is amazing. From looking online, the average price for an "everyday" hand made cooking spoon is about $16, the bigger the spoon and the type of wood used can make the price go up dramatically. I saw a gravy boat and serving spoon for over $100...I enjoyed making the spoon, the spatula has been a pain so far. Very time consuming trying to get it to my liking, but it's coming along. Maybe I can talk to one of the moderators and donate a spoon for a throwdown if they are interested? I also saw where a guy makes and sells spoons, and they money he makes off of them goes towards feeding the needy. I think the program is called "Spoons for the hungry" a very great cause. I would be interested in doing something like that as well. 
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    Nice spoon.  Mineral oil is the way to go, I use it a lot.  Readily available in the laxative section of the drug store.

    I have heard that walnut oil will not go rancid like other vegetable oils, but the USP mineral oil is cheap and readily available. Excellent for use on butcher block cutting boards and other kitchen wood.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    That's really nice. You should make some more. My good friend who is a master wood maker of all types of art and furniture told me to use walnut oil on a handmade cutting board he made me a couple years back. I'm sure your dad or people here know a ton or know someone but if you'd like me to ask I'd be happy to.

    That's cool your pops has some equipment like that. I always wanted to get more involved in  wood working..
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    X2, I always use mineral oil on the cutting boards I've made.

    Nice job.

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    X3, and I do a fair amount of woodworking, including cutting boards, mortar & pestles, pepper mills, meat mallets, baby rattles, etc.  Butcher block oil (mineral oil) is the best for food grade applications...
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    Love it!! Nice job. [​IMG]
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    You did a fine job on that spoon and I'm sure that the spatula will be just as fine to. Now you will have to find folks that like the fact thatit is hand made to spend the kind of mney that you wile to get to make it worth while to make them. Now I have done alot of wood working in the past and can apreacate to amount of work that goes into making such pieces. I have a friend of mine in Staten Island that makes alot of stuff like this by hand to. Heck he doesn't even have a light bulb in his shop he has candles. I would be intsted in purchasing some of your products if you do go and sell them. I just like stuff like that around me. Call me weird but thats me.
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  16. That's a really nice spoon. Cutting board oil works good. Teak oil is good.
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    Nicely done,,,oh what a little boredom will bring [​IMG]

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