Wood types to avoid when smoking

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bruce71, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. I was looking through the forums to determine the best woods to use for smoking, and it got me thinking.  What wood types are BAD to smoke with?
  2. bluewhisper

    bluewhisper Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Conifers, railroad ties, phone poles, anything treated or painted. Nobody seems to use hackberry.
  3. sota d

    sota d Smoking Fanatic

    I haven't seen a list of nonsmokable(I think I just made up a new word!) woods, but was wondering about Juniper. I have a treeline of Juniper trees and when I cut a dead branch with a power saw it smells wonderful! Anyone tried it?
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  5. joe black

    joe black Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Sota, I think Juniper is a conifer and would be a creosote problem. But be sure to save the berries to make Gin out of. Joe
  6. sota d

    sota d Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks Joe, I did some research and found that it is used in some Scandinavian countries for smoking salmon. But, I also learned that there are about 30 varieties. Mine is a tree, so probably a conifer-won't chance it. Sure does smell good when cut though.

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