Wood stove coals to help the gas smoker

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by harlemtwp, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. The SMF has been great reading, but I could not find any discussion on adding hot coals from a wood stove to get chips in a gas smoker going when they go out. I'm trying to "warm" smoke a 4.5 lb slab of bacon at 140ish. At 20F outside my propane smoker (camp chef 18") holds 140-150F at the lowest setting, but I've had a hell of a time keeping the chips smoking. I know I could find finer wood material, e.g. sawdust, or use a tin foil pack but is there any concern with using a small amount of coals, bright orange and well into the coaling stage of the burn, from my indoor wood stove once in a while to get chips smoking? I only burn hardwoods in my stove (but they could be just about anything found in central OH, mostly ash, oak, and who knows). 

    Thanks in advance for any helpful comments.
  2. I wouldn't use unknown wood. I often use coals out of my fireplace to get things going but I know what is in the fire place at the time. Look at getting a AMNPS or AMNTS.

    Happy smoken.


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