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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by michaelandrews, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. I Have A Side Fire Box. I Just Got It. Whenever I Put A Wood chuck In, It Smokes For A While, Then Starts On Fire. How Do I stop It From Just burning
  2. fwismoker

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    Very simple.. Limit oxygen from getting in. Your sfb has too many leaks and you need to seal them.

    O2 is a fuel.. If I open my lid to my smoker the wood will catch on fire but when the lid is closed it will go right out... It's all about the balance between heat and air.
  3. woodcutter

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    If you are using charcoal in your fire box for heat you can wrap your wood loosely in foil and that will limit the O2 and it will smoke not burst into flames.
  4. cliffcarter

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    First there is nothing wrong with the wood burning in your SFB, you will still get smoke flavor. It also has the added benefit of adding a bit of heat as well. You do not need to see visible smoke of any color to get smoke flavor to the meat.
  5. jay1340

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    And just allowing a big ole chunk of wood to smolder may make too thick of smoke taste or build up inside your cook chamber. Chips and chunks aren't as bad.
  6. jeffed76

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    I definitely rather my wood catch fire and burn clean than smolder for a long time and get thick white smoke. I made ribs yesterday and most of the time had no visible smoke, the ribs were great. Then I tried some ribs from a local place and they had a fireplace chimney taste to them (creosote), that was the flavor of thick white smoke... YUK!!!
  7. kcphilaflyer

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    just what the last three posters said, the more smoke you see doesnt mean the better it tastes.

    In my sfb, the wood is always on fire. I use lump to start then the rest of the cook is almost all wood with some more lump added here and there for addtl fuel.

    my cooks tend to go between thin blue smoke and the clear heat smoke, either way the smoke/wood flavor is going into the meat.

    But also I don't want the fire raging, just a nice smooth burn and adding pieces every 45 mins or so.
  8. richjt92

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    I just replaced by 10 year old offset smoker with an OKJ Longhorn, take a look at the forums to seee how to seal it.

    You will need to do some test burns to test how much wood and charcoal (Lump or briquets) to maintain your desired smoking temp at the grill level.

    I am doing this now to ensure I get the consistency I am looking for...


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