Wood: Electric vs. propane vs. classic

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    i assume you meant wood vs charcoal vs propane vs electric vs pellet.

    they are all heat sources.  finding the sweet spot of quality equipment and low cost fuel source that delivers the desired flavoring of smoke is all you even need unless you do comps. then check there rules
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    I'll try to be politically correct....Everything has it's purpose and what it's good at.

    Flavor levels..,

    1) electric- convenience/ ease of use, great for lower temp things like sausage, jerkey etc... least flavor

    2) propane- convenience/ease of use...better flavor

    3) wood charcoal..depending on the pit and tools can be more challenging...but with all challenges the rewards can be so much greater. Best flavor. 

    Science fact...combustion gasses give the most complex flavors and hence the best tasting product. 

    Electric- the only combustion comes from a few wood chips/chunks

    propane- combustion from the propane and wood chunks

    wood /charcoal the best of everything. 
  3. dewetha

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    Science fact...combustion gasses give the most complex flavors and hence the best tasting product.

    prove that! would love to see that information. maybe a myth buster submission is in order! lol

    but i will say, nothing beats the smell of good old wood!
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  4. fwismoker

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    Most of the flavor comes from the gasses and not the smoke particles.  One time i cooked a steak low and slow over charcoal with out wood chunks of any kind (not intentionally) and it was one of the best steaks i've ever had.  This was before i knew anything of the benefits of smoke.   As you know when charcoal is going it's not really smoking much but those combustion gasses are what really did it. 

    Yes that o'le wood does smell good!

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