Wood consumption.

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  1. I did find one notation in my reading that RF smokers chew threw more wood to maintain temps then offsets.

    How much so?

    I also saw a post on here resently with a photo of their fire box and it being mostly empty other then a couple of small splits and the coment about how little it took to keep temps.

    As I'm planing out my build I'm just wondering as I am over building on my needs.

    Are your FB's pack to the 9's burning or are you just using a small amount to maintain after warm up. And what size CC are you running?? Yes I realize many factors will come in to play. Just looking for a benchmark.
  2. By design, they use less wood as more heat is absorbed before it exits the cooking chamber.
  3. Ah so it's all lies purpotrated by the stack cooker conglomerate!!

    So what's your consumption? Vs cooker size??

    10lbs to start? 1 or 2 splits ever two hours? One? Four?
  4. brooksy

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    My chamber is 60x30. I start with a full chimney of lump and about 5/6 decent size splits for heat up. Then it's 1 or 2 every hour after for the rest of the smoke.
  5. Ok. Not too bad for the volume. That's the tank size I have still not sure if I will keep it. Was going to build smaller but got the tank for free.

    Any other input?
  6. alblancher

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    Well lets make one point.  It takes a good deal of wood to get a heavy built rf to temp.  You got a lot of steel to get hot.  Once to temp you can normally maintain the heat with a smaller fire.   An inexpensive offset is easy to heat up and will lose heat pretty fast when the fire dies down.
  7. Oh I understand that. So far the numbers arn't that bad. I may line my CC too not yet sure.

    Just looking for ball parks of whst people are using. Don't want to have to but a cord every smoke lol
  8. alblancher

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    It's just so hard to say how much wood I burn.   I have a couple of sturdy black boxes that I keep my wood in at the house.  The boxes are maybe 4 ft long,2 ft wide and 2 ft tall.  I can do maybe three long smokes with a single box of wood.  The wood is split into pieces about the size of a beer can and 20 inches long.    I use about 1/4 bag of charcoal or briquettes  for every smoke to get the fire box hot and the wood fire started.

    This is for a Lang 36 but every thing is so variable due to the age and dryness of the wood, temp and wind, what I am cooking, etc.

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