Wood Chunk Flare Ups and Temp. Control on Landmann 3495GLA

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by ny7952uv, May 27, 2014.

  1. Forgive me if this topic has already been covered elsewhere. I am new to this forum and just started using my Landmann 3495GLA propane smoker this past weekend. My first issue was temperature control, very difficult to maintain without constant vigilance. I have read where the built in temp. gauge is virtually worthless, I have a new digital probe type arriving tomorrow. The bigger issue, I feel, was that both during the seasoning session and smoking a whole chicken yesterday things were going along great when the temperature gauge spiked and sure enough the wood chunks/chips were on fire...........my vents were as closed as they could possibly be and the flame was low to medium low................any thoughts or ideas what I may be doing wrong and how to correct it?? Thank You!!
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    Smoke wood flare-ups are caused by either too much heat or too much air getting to the wood...or a combination of both. If you aren't covering the smoke wood, that's where I'd start. If you have lower side intakes that don't close completely (most won't) you can bend the tabs that go inside the cabinet so the vent can be further rotated to the fully closed position...this will eliminate the fresh air entering near the smoke wood tray...that would be my second effort...try covering the smoke wood first, with foil or some other means.

    Achieving a long smoke, even with chunks instead of chips, requires a good balance of heat to the wood, as well as air.

  3. Thanks...........as you said my vents don't close all the way, if it comes to that I will bend the inside tabs..........I first will try covering the wood chip box in foil with holes poked in it and I will employ my digital thermometer which will be arriving today............Thanks again!!

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