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  1. Question, maybe some one out there can help me. For years I have been smoking on a shop made smoker with a side box for wood that burned logs(apartment size or larger logs). I recently had to move back to Texas from Oklahoma after living there for 35 years and my smoker was to big to move in the short time I had to move. It was not a trailer style and would have required renting a trailer with at least 4 big guys to load it.Just no time to get it done. Because of finances I have been reduced to smoking on a round Brinkmann smoker-grill. Although I have plenty of experience on this smoker now and the past, it is very time consuming and very hard to control the temperature plus it it extremely hard to keep the fire and wood chips burning. My large one was barrel style with a square wood box with perfect adjustable vents to control the temperature with an actual external thermometer that measured the inside temperature.Very easy to control and long burning with no need for charcoal. {Now for the question} Can anyone give me an idea where I might find something similar, without having to have another one built. As I said I am now very short of funds and cant really afford to have another one built, I could however manage to modify it if need be. Mine was heavy steel and would last for years plus allowed me to load a large amount of meat or what ever I wanted to smoke at one time. As is now I am extremely limited in size and have to smoke 2 or sometimes 3 days for a large holiday. If any one could help me with where I might find one, preferably used but I could see if I could swing a new one, shop built. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you, Thomas Spears  email  [email protected]
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    [​IMG],Thomas. First go by the Roll Call and introduce yourself and you wants. We are a friendly bunch and someone will give you the answer you are searching for; meanwhile...

    I have a Tejas Smoker (Houston ,appox.300mi.from Cisco),I modded it some and I love it,not quite as heavy as the Klose , but the same style. This thing is great:



    Easy to control and holds heat well,even up here in the North,Brrrrrrr, I miss living in Temple[​IMG]

    Hope this helps and...
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    Hello Mr. Spears,

      About how big are you looking for and a ballpark price?

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