Wood Bits, too small?

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  1. My wife works for a meat and seafood company and brought home what they sell as Hickory Wood Chips. They are really small, about 1/8" square and the bag says Hickory Bits not chips. My gut is they would burn way too fast in my Masterbuilt propane smoker but I'm new and could be wrong. Anyone have any experience with something like this? Need to know ASAP so she can take it back and I can get some regular chips at Home Depot instead.
  2. This is what they are.

    They can be found at gregorylumber

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  3. so ms smoker

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      I would think that 'bits' would burn faster than 'chips' meaning you would have to replenish more often. Just depends on how often you want to put down your adult beverage, get up,  and add more chips/bits.

  4. I could try them, just nervous about ruining my brisket, the price is right about $20 for a 50lb bag. If I do a test run I won't be able to return them. Hmm not sure what to do...
  5. I'm with mike on this but I don't have a propane unit. just a mes30.

    best case, it works like a charm and you reload a bit more often. 

    tell ya what, try em on if they don't work out, i'm more than happy to buy em from ya. I have a UPS account, so you won't be out anything accept for a bit of time to box em. I'll arrange for UPS to pick it up. Nowhere around here can I get a sack of hickory that cheap. 
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    Do you own a smoker box? I think that if you packed a smoker box full of those "bits" they will work just fine. They are probably what that company your wife works for uses to smoke their meat and fish.
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  7. I bought a smaller bag of similar "bits" to try in the MES40. I have mixed them with pellets and also chips. I really didn't have a problem with them and I would use them again.
  8. I'm putting them in a 10" cast iron pan vs the chip pan that tends to get way to hot.would I put more in that I would for normal size chips?
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    When you put them in the pan, cover it with foil and poke a few holes in the foil for smoke to escape... that will insure they don't burst into flame...  they should work just fine...   maybe those chips were made for a smoke generator....  the auger type.....  like a pellet stove....   

    Wood is wood......  I have used everything from sawdust, to chips, pellets and slices 2" think....   Dave

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