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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by stevetheteacher, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. Replacing the manufacturer thermometer with a River Country RCT-34 (3" dial, 4" stem, 1/2 npt"). After what felt like an half hour of drilling, I was finally able to screw in the thermometer. It threaded fine but the nut (npt??) is still on the outside of the door. Is this how it' supposed to be or is the dial supposed to be flush with the door?

  2. joe black

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    Steve, If you put it into a smooth drilled hole, the nut should be on the inside, locking the gauge into place. If you inserted the therm into a threaded hole, the nut is on the outside to act as a stop nut to make sure the therm is straight in line. It kinda sounds like you tried to thread the therm into a small hole. If that is correct, try to take the therm out without messing up the threads. Then, make the hole a little larger to allow the therm to be easily inserted. Then, use method #1 above. If you have a particular problem, just PM me and we will work through it. Joe

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