Wish me luck! Build my first RF smoker!!!

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  1. So I am building my first smoker!

    Well, I started last year and after a few weeks working on the tank… I got very sick (nothing to do with the tank).   I was force to put the project on-hold… for almost 8 months!!!   Good news is I am all better and the project is back on with a vengeance!

    What I have:   120 gal Tank, a pile of scrap metal, a chop saw, a welder, and an Idea in my head…   I am trying to use what I can find around our farm and the neighboring farms.  Had good luck for the most part, but have needed to buy a few small parts.

    From what I read on this site,  I think my firebox is a bit small… at 18x18x21  But, it was found FREE 1/4 plate already cut to size.   I’ll add a few photos of my progress.

    Soon to be hinges!

    The tank!

    First door cut!

    Second door and Firebox soon to come!
  2. That is a good start. I am also trying to use as much as I can from the scrap iron pile. I even have and idea for damper opening that includes a c clamp, gearbox off a mower, and the pto shaft. We'll see how that works out.

    I like your stabalizer posts too.
  3. Looks like your off to a great start!
  4. Here are a few more photos!

    I have the firebox 90% complete... with Air vents (sliders are done as well)

    Cutting the Firebox end of the tank...( Scrap pile in background )


    Back plate for firebox...

    Time to build a fire!  ( My helper took care of it )

    Burn baby burn!  ( used Pear & Palm... all I had )

    Here is my weekend Scrap score!!!  Crazy what some people put out in the trash!!!

    - 50 gal tank

    - 10' channel

    - 4'x4' rack

    - Fireplace burner

    That is all I have for now... I hope to get somemore done this week.   Please provide feedback if you see something I am doing wrong or could do better!!!  thanks!
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  5. No time to work on the new smoker today... But I did pick up 6 nice butts and 4 chicken to cook this weekend! I plan to cook half low and slow and half hot and fast... Big work party on Monday!
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  6. Worked on the firebox today. Added 3 inches so now it's 18x18x24 . I also picked up a turkey fryer that I will add to the trailer... Got it from lowes for $50 bucks... Floor model... More photos coming soon.
  7. Looking good. Keep pecking away at it and you'll be done before you know it. Then you'll be cooking all that good food on your new smoker!
  8. Picked up the Trailer I will be using... I was planning to build one... but this was on sale for about the same cost and saved me time and paperwork!

    I'll be adding a Cooking pot, Cooler and maybe a water tank...  Plus a wood rack.

    Also welded up my stack!   Still need to do a bit of clean-up...

    I'll add more as I get it done!!!
  9. 05sprcrw

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    Looks like its coming along nicely for you.
  10. I work better itch a timeline... Deadline. So I am setting a 4th of July deadline for myself. Meat will be on the heat on or before July 4th 2013.
  11. If your build is going anything like mine, the big things are easy...it's the multitude of little things that slow you down. Good luck! I'm cooking for a family friend's graduation party around the 4th myself.
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    I am the same way I set a pretty ambitious goal of Memorial weekend to have my trailer built and the cooker set on it (built the cooker last year) so that I can pull it to a dealer appreciation meeting we are having at work for the guys that sell our trailers.
  13. Ok... I know it's been a long time... but here are some updates!!

    going on the trailer!!

    Fire box on!!

    Grate built x 4

    Fire box door with latch!

    Looking inside...

    Starting to look like a smoker!

    Test run up to 400 went great.  

    I've done a few test runs and sprayed with oil... plan to run meat for the first time this weekend!!!

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