wisconsin fire insurance

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    Wisconsin Fire Insurance

    A man and his wife moved back home to Wisconsin from Arizona .
    The wife had a wooden leg and to insure it in Arizona was $2,000 a year!!!
    When they arrived in Wisconsin, they went to Sven's Insurance agency to see how much it would cost
    to insure the wooden leg.
    Sven looked it up on his computer and said to the couple, "$39."

    The husband was shocked and asked why it was so cheap in Wisconsin to insure, because it cost him
    $2,000 in Arizona !!!
    Sven turned his computer screen to the couple and said, "Well, here is it on the screen, direct from
    Ole's Wisconsin Fire Insurance Company,
    it says: Any wooden structure, with a sprinkler system over it, is $39".

    I always did find Wisconsin logic far superior to most others.
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    Wisconsin toursit board has come up with a new slogan: "come and smell our dairy air!"
  5. Ain't Wisconsin great!
  6. I like it., but then again any state is better than where I'm stuck, for now.

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