Wiring pid! Is it the wiring or bad pid ?

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    Mypin ta4-ssr pid with k type thermo

    I have a 40 amp ssr with heat sink

    All right so today we wired our first PID controller . Basically according to the instructions and schematics I found on the internet we believe that it is wired correctly. However, I'm no electrician so I'm reaching out!
    His is what I have in a nutshell... According to my pid terminal 1-2 are for 90-260v and terminals 3 (-) - 4 (+) are for the ssr output and the others are alarm 1 5-6 and so on. Thermocouple is a k type and put on 7-8 (pid I believe shows 7 (-) and 8 (+).
    Onto the wiring of the box I'll post visuals but this is what I have ....

    On input side of ssr to pid I have a wire from ssr terminal 3 + to pid terminal #4, another wire from ssr (-) to pid terminal #3.

    Now on the output side of the ssr the switch more less I have my hot wire from wall power cord l tied into a wire off of #2 on ssr and also tied with black wire hooked to pid terminal #2. ( all those blacks are tied together).

    My nuetral wire from my wall power cord I have tied with femal end neutral, also another white wire jumped over to pid terminal #1.

    My hot wire (black off my femal plug which my element would be plugged into I have going to the output side of ssr to #1.
    Both grounds from power cord and female plug also a chassis ground are all tied together l.

    Basically my understanding was that when your heating element is plugged into the female end. You set your value temp and the swing of degrees say 5 degrees. When your below your set heating value you. The ssr would light up and front of the pid where output is would be solid? What is happening with mine is I have a constant surging of output like the ssr on switch side is opening and closing irrationally .

    To verify that was happening I plugged in a light after programming according to manual and my output led on pid blinks irrationally and doesn't even to be working properly.

    With that book wrote is this a wiring issue or a malfunction I the pid to ssr


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