Wireless thermometer for smoker with rotisserie

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by qgal, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. My large smoker has two built in temp gauges which work great to monitor chamber temp. Is there a good wireless thermometer that will tolerate temps up to 400 degrees and not need any cables or wires? There are five rotisserie racks so I can't run anything to te exterior. Your expert advise is much ppreciated!
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  3. Thanks for the link Bear! I'll show it to the hubs.
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    how about that... ask and you shall receive...
  5. I have am et75. It didn't fit my rotisserie so never used it there but it is a good thermo
  6. This group is the best!
  7. Re reading your post this mau not work for you. It is designed so the sending unit goes on the rod on the outside of the smoker and the wire clamps to the rod. If the parts of your rotisserie are internal to the smoker I dont think it will work. The sender isn't designed to be in the cooking chamber
  8. You are right Jeep. Not gonna work as the connections are all inside. Back to the hunt.
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    Got any pics of what we're dealing with??


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