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    So with the beginning of fall and the cold rolling in now, what's everyone's thoughts on cold weather BBQ and what are some of your favorites in this time of year?

  2. Hello Ladies.  I joined just for this question.  I will go after my reply.

    4 seasons.  So what is different?  So long as it is not raining ( snowing is fine ), keep on smoking!

    As to the question:  That time of year.  Soups, stews and chilli.  Smoke the meat and if you can get a pot in your smoker, smoke the whole dish.  Or mix and match.  Casseroles!  Smoke the whole thing or just the meat.  C'Mon ladies.  Broaden your horizons.  It does not have to be smoked.  Biscuits in a dutch oven; Cobbler in a dutch oven ( both on an open fire ).  If you can cook it in the house you can cook it on the grill/smoker.  Bacon, eggs and toast.  Yes you need a pan for the eggs but you can still smoke it all.  Folks talk about "white smoke" being a bad thing.  Well it is and it is not.  IF you can cook the whatever in less than 90 minutes then heavy white smoke will not ruin your food.  AND it will not be "over smoked".  Any longer and I would worry.  Start your fire and before you add these quick dishes throw on a hand full of wood chips.  BIG white smoke!  No worries.  You Ladies "got this".  Just jump on it and experiment!  Keep Smokin!

  3. zoe tipsword

    zoe tipsword Fire Starter Group Lead

    great ideas!!!

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