Winter Smokin'??

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ericpwb, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. ericpwb

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    Hi all,

    I built my smoker about 6 months ago and have been loving it! But I have not smoked since winter has hit.

    My smoker is built from a smoke daddy which is fixed to the side (at the bottom) of a 20qt stainless stock pot(got for $10) with a grill that I attached to the inside. 

    I normally cold smoke everything that I have done, but for a gathering on Saturday I was asked if I could do some pulled pork. I figure I would add heat with a hot-plate. Does anyone have experience trying to hot smoke with a hot-plate in the figid winter temperatures? The weather forecast for saturday for me is -25C or -13F[​IMG]  Am I going to have an issue getting this unit to heat up?
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  2. xjcamaro

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    It is quite possible, i had some problems with my small electric smoker getting up to temp in some cold weather. What you can do it do a test run before hand, just fire up the hot plate with out any smoke. Check the temps after a while and see what they are going to run at. I would test before hand just so you dont go throwing a peice of meat in there only to find you cant get it over 100*, or something like that.
  3. smokinal

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    Ditto, test it first. I can't imagine how a hot plate will get you to 225+ @ -13 degrees. Let us know how it turns out. Good luck!
  4. rbranstner

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    I would imagine it would depend on the type of hot plate you have as I would think some could be turned higher or lower than others depending on their outputs. I have never had one or looked at one so I am just guessing on that but most things of that nature have a certain output they can go to. But like the others have said you better try it ahead of time so you know. If you can get it up to around 225 when its still cold out then if it gets even colder you would think you could add insulation or make a windbreak and get it back up to those temps when it gets even colder but if you try it now and you can't even get it close to 225 then you know it won't work.
  5. lookwow

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    Also a welding blanket could be your best friend. My electric smoker wont get over 200 or so when it get cold. So i throw on a welding blanket kinda like a suit and then adjust it as needed to keep the temp right. Can get it up to 300 no problem then.
  6. Bring it in the shed or garage and vent it to the outside.
  7. xjcamaro

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    Heck with venting it just fill the garage up with smoke. Thats whay i do! lol

    I do crack the doors open, sort of looks like my garage is on fire. Im suprised the fire department hasnt stopped by or someone else on my road to inquire. I guess thats a bad thing. If people can see smoke coming from my garage or house and no one cares!?

    Plus it makes the garage smelll good for days afterwards!
  8. I have my MES inside my "garage" and it works fine.  I do put a blanket around it, but it works well for me so far.  I also love the smell as I am out there working on my truck.  mmmmm!
  9. I use a hot plate for doing my cold smoke.  It is only a single burner hot plate.  I can do it in the summer and the temps still stay pretty low.  I have tried to crank it up on high before to see how warm it gets and I have nver been able to get it over 200* 

    Will you be using the hot plate just for heat or to generate smoke also?  If you try to use it for generating smoke and heat, you will be making to much smoke at the high setting you will need to have it on to try and maintain the temp.

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