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  1. mavadakin

    mavadakin StickBurners

    For All Of You Who Have Upgraded To Windows Vista..or To All Of You Who Are Afraid Vista Is The Most Stable Platform I Have Ever Worked With..i Am Using Vista Premium..self Built In Firewall .and Windows Defender.virus Check..
    First Off Old Windows Programs Work With This Etc....i Have Use Windows Me And Xp..using Them Versions I Have Had Blue Screen Of Death..never Has That Happen With This ..ever..since Aug I Have Run This..was Told My Adobe Photoshop 7 Wont Work ..was Told So Much Bs Really..this Format Has The Ability To Adapt To Any Format Windows Has Ever Currently Using Microsoft Office Great..older Programs Using Nt Etc All Work.. Just Want To Put Everyone Into What They Have Now And What This Fears Need To Be Out There..a Great Platform...mike Questions I Will Answer...
  2. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    software may werk fine with it, but my buddy has peripheral issues with it BAD......even some of the new stuff that is vista approved........
  3. mavadakin

    mavadakin StickBurners

    What Kind Of Issues..i Had Some Of The Same Kind But After Learning About The Program And Its Stability..learned How To Use What I Couldnt..found Easy Ways..let Me Guess Hewert Packard....let Me Know Whats Going On..give Me Questions Not Complaints..thank You Mike
  4. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    NOT complaint..........comments......there IS a difference

    its a printer/copier/scanner/fax.......not sure of the brand.......been trying to reach him since you posted this, to find out what kind......he won it in a raffle from radio shack.......soon as i know, you will know........thankx
  5. mavadakin

    mavadakin StickBurners

    Had The Same Prob With My Hewit Packard Printer And Scanner....have The Answer When You Find Out What He Has ..mike.
  6. rodbuilder

    rodbuilder Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    When I upgraded from Windows 98se to XP Home edition it resolved all the hardware issues I was having at that time which were Zip and Jaz drives and also my HP Photosmart printer. Now they all work just fine.

    I'm getting ready to do a new build and was wondering about upgrading my OS at the same time... I, like many others, have heard horror stories about Vista. I'm totally happy with XP. Having said that, what can Vista do for me that XP can't?...
  7. mavadakin

    mavadakin StickBurners

    As I Stated I Have Used Windows Me And Xp.. My Virsion Comes With A Firewall And A Virus Protection....but That Only Part Of Has Some Problems With Printers And Scanners..but Easy Me There.. Question Yourself Screen Of Death..error Page..never Happend Yet..ya Can Format It To Whatever Windows Format You Have Been Using..stability..outstanding..always Warned Prior To Accepting Email Or Exe Files..(viruses)..filing System Is The Same As All Windows..can Be Formated To Xp Lol....just Got A Few Quirks To Learn..minor The Reason Most Printers And Scanners Have Prob Is Due To The Fact They Havent Kept Up..
  8. rodbuilder

    rodbuilder Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    I have never had any hardware or software issues with XP... Never seen the blue Screen Of Death..error Page, as you describe it. I guess after I build my new system using XP as my OS, if I have any issues at that time maybe it's time to upgrade to VISTA...
  9. mavadakin

    mavadakin StickBurners

    Just A Note For Vista Is Here To Stay..may Come A Time When You Will Have To Upgrade..but For Now Xp ..a Good Platform..use It As Long As You Can...mike
  10. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    mike.......just got off the phone with my bud.........his is a lexmark(i edited this......typed vista by mistake)
    but i did a bit of research.........cnet.......which i trust...........

    i have xp pro......and i am happy with it...........but i have several freinds that just thinks vista stinks......they haven't gone into details about i can not comment on it......

    but i think cnet saind it best

    its slower than xp....and a service pack isn't due out till next year.......xp with service pack 3 runs faster and is more stable...........

    i never buy a new os, without at least the FIRST service pack available......its a shame tho,that microsoft releases as os they KNOW is not up to par........but happens

    not here to get into a fight over these os's........but folks should know what facts there are out there

    btw is here to stay........till the NEXT platform comes out from micro-crap.....err.....soft
  11. reflect

    reflect Meat Mopper OTBS Member

    I would run an external firewall at your switch level. The comment I have is that the windows firewall does great on incoming data/packets but outbound it does not inspect.

    Here is a Google search confirming what I have stated...

    Only commenting to make people aware. I hate false senses of security.

    The above is neither, only an awareness post.

    Take care,

  12. richoso1

    richoso1 Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I worked as a computer technician for years, and I never upgrade to a new OS for at least 18 months, too many bugs. XP Pro with the current updates is very stable now, I don't have the need for another OS at this time. But then each his own. Edit:
    I don't reccomend anyone to upgrade to another version of an OS, like XP over ME. You're stacking one on top of the other, and you'll have problems. The best way to install a new OS is to format the HD before installation.
  13. glued2it

    glued2it Master of the Pit

    Mike do you have a MCSE? or even a MCP?
  14. demolitionman

    demolitionman Newbie

    What about people that have bought new desktops and vista came with it....The only problem I've had with vista is getting accustom to the difference between XP and Vista....I also had problems with IE shutting down because of listening to Music Videos....I finally switched to Mozilla Firefox as a browser and it's only happened once since I swapped....Now, IE is in the background.....I'm not a Computer Tech by any means, so everything I do on the computer messes something else up in some form or fashsion.....LOL.....DemoMan
  15. mavadakin

    mavadakin StickBurners

    Very True Windows Vista Was Thrown At Us ...geez They Have Tv Comercials Saying Using Xp..buying Or Purchisning Softwear Of Windows Xp Just To Eliminate Vista.. The Big Quiestion ..where Can Ya Buy A New Puter With Xp..exclusive....not Around Is The New Generation..same As Me Was When I Got My First Puter..personaly I Think Alot Of Us Fear Change.took Me A Long Time To Change To Vista.. My Experience With Xp .was Over A Year ..but My Home Puter Still Ran Me....i Have Been Ruinning This System For 5 Months Let Downs..xp Faster ..maybe For You Dial Up Users..but Minimal....using A 56 K Modem Dont Matter What Windows Softwear Ya Using..just What Your Puter Modem Gives Ya..
    Dont Be Confused By Service Packs....just Upgrades..minor Stuff..if You Stick With Xp ..or A Later Version 5 Years Had Better Remember What Im Saying....learn Vista..dont Make A Change Drasticly ..but Learn .. Ask Me Im Here...... Mike
    Ps Im Never Going Back To Xp Or Me..
  16. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    winn 2000 was one of the most stable platforms i have ever used.....but it is based on the NT kernal..........ME was junk when it came out, and went down hill from there

    my sister bought my daughter a laptop with xp on it this summer for graduating from college........TOOK her awhile......but she found they ARE out there..........

    but like rich said.......i will wait for all the folks that have do the beta testing micro soft SHOULD of done to begin with.........then when the THIRD service pack comes should be safe to acquire then.....

    my flintmobile........uses 98se still, with a rock for a vid card.......still chugs along.......the other comuter with the xp pro........runs untill xp is no longer suporrted.................

    its just a shame.......yeah vista was thrown at was was 98........thats why there is a 98se now.........with xp........never experience the long as i have enuff stick memory, and onboard cache........
  17. mavadakin

    mavadakin StickBurners

    Im Hearing Everything You Are All Saying..great You Are All Happy Or Question ....remember My Thoughts 3 To 5 Years From Now.... Xp Is Going To Be Outdated..are You All Denying That Fact....if You Experiment With Whats New Ya May Find The Goodies..dont Give Me Xp. Think About Many More Years Is It Going To Last...come On..please.dont Sell Your Self..ya Can Now..but Tomarrow ..why Learn The Hard Way.. Look At The Progress ..keep The Boat Under You..dont Try To Catch Up....last Chance For The Skeptics ..learn It Or ..ask Me The Questions ..later..mike........ Merry Xmas To All..mike
  18. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    3-5 years from now...........VISTA will be outdated......and we will be onto the NEXT new thing that is wrote in stone........os's evolve.......just as sure as death and taxes.......hehehe
  19. mavadakin

    mavadakin StickBurners

    And Will You Still Be Using Windows Telling It Straight Here....i Dont Mean To Offend..look At What You Have Posted ....and What You Just Said....remember Me..mike
  20. demolitionman

    demolitionman Newbie

    One good thing about computer's, they're not outdated as fast as SLR & Digital Camera's....Yeah, your the time we get through discussing Vista, there'll be a new one out.....DemoMan

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