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  1. I have a brinkman pitmaster with no mods, and i was wondering if I place heavy duty foil over my entire cooking grate and poke small holes from the fire box side gradually making holes larger as  i went to the smoke stack would this sort of give me even temps so i could use my enitre cooking space. Just a thought. I was thinking of also spraying the foil with pam or some sort so to keep the food from possibly sticking to the foil? I smoke on it but usually have meat on the smoke stack side, I wanna load it up with meat and cook it all at the same time. 
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    While the concept is resonable the result will probably not be what you want. Without a Baffle in front of the fire box to deflect heat down and away from the first part of the cooking grate you will not get much benefit. The bulk of the heat will still hit the first 10-12" of the foiled grate turning it into a very effective "Griddle". You will just Fry the meat. The Fire Box heat baffle takes hot air to the bottom 4-5" of the smoker then the tuning plates, at the same level, channels and directs the heat along the length of the smoke chamber only allowing it to rise at set intervals determined by each of the increasing gaps between the tuning plates. I hope this helps. You may be able to put Ceramic Tiles cut to various widths, Home Depot still cuts tile, under your cooking grates to make tuning plates with a disposable pan fashioned to work as a baffle...JJ
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  3. well put, thats exactly what i needed to knw. ima check out home depot today.
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    Cwalk, morning.....   Is the fire box side too hot ?? Is that the problem ??  Can you explain what and how you are doing.... maybe pics of the heat source, lump, briq's, sticks and how you set up to smoke....   Folks have successfully used the unit you are using....   Maybe it's time for mods..... sealing up the doors etc. to reduce air leakage....   Not exactly sure what needs to be done to achieve what you need....

  5. I have had several successful smokes but I always have my meat at the smoke stack end. Im not complaining I just wanna cook using entire surface. It holds heat well and doesnt leak alot. Im sure if made a baffle which im familar doing itll cook more even i was trying to get around making a baffle. I use the minion method starting with kingsford and adding hardwood(oak, pecan) later.
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    Cwalk, Sounds like you know what the solution is...[​IMG].....   How about keeping the firebox colder and moving the meat closer to it.....   then you could rotate the meat from end to end and one spot would not be too not.... just hot and cooler....    ???   Dave
  7. im confused, wht do you mean keeping the firebox colder.[​IMG]
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    Lower the heat in the firebox....   close the damper down so the firebox isn't as hot.....   ????

    Is your smoker the side firebox with an attached cook chamber ????  maybe I'm on the wrong page here...  Dave

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