Will I burn my neighborhood down?

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  1. Hello all.  I was really looking forward to re-creating the awesome cedar smokehouse built by atcnick.  I want to "hot" smoke meats - some around 225 and some around 325.  I am not really interested in "cold" smoking.  I was told that I am asking for trouble because it will eventually catch on fire and burn down.  I assumed that having the firebox off to the side would prevent this but now I don't know.  I am now considering making the wooden section out of metal?  Any thoughts? Thanks.

    flynpa (Stuart)
  2. As long as your heat source isn't near the wood part of your smoker you should be fine. A friend of mine has a propane smoker. The bottom is CMU, about 24" high then the rest is plywood inside and out. Rockwool insulation between the inner and outer layers of plywood. She does cold and hot smoking up to 350. The propane burner sits in the bottom CMU area.
  3. Thanks dirtsailor.  That is what I was hoping but I am still worried about it.  I will continue researching and hoping that some others will chime in before I make a final decision.  I hope to start on it as soon as the holidays are over.
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  4. Just keep the hose over by the smokehouse   [​IMG]

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