Will be getting a AMNPS and i have the Analog Masterbuilt 30' smoker

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  1. Ok so this the smoker i own. When i get the AMNPS what can i do to make sure it stays lit in this smoker?
  2. I put a 3" top ven and pipet, and a few extra intake holes in the bottom . Open and close these holes with the leftover 3" metal disk

    Temp probe(Maverick ET 732?) in the side just above the rack, where most of my smoking sits.

    Since the top vent hole/pipe works so well, I used a silicone rubber gasket around the door. 

    Hooked up a PID from Ebay parts and that runs my temp control from room temp to highs over 400. 

  3. I do not have the tools to do stuff like that I guess I'll have to get some tools .
  4. Any tips without modification?
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