Will be getting a AMNPS and i have the Analog Masterbuilt 30' smoker

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    So this is the smoker that i own. I am getting the AMNPS real soon and i see that many have issues. I see that airflow is good for the AMNPS and i see tips on how to use it with the other Masterbuilt smokers. How can i maximize the smoke from the AMNPS in this smoker?
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    I never used the dust, but when using pellets I found that the tube smoker seems to work better rather than tray. Rather than a large one I bought 2 small tubes to vary smoke output. I also bought some applewood pellets recently from bass pro and do not know if it is apple or because not amnps brand pellets, but they don't burn very good so from now on I will stick to amps brand pellets.
  3. blat

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    Oh, and yes I use the tubes in the analog mes.
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    I have the same smoker and have no problem getting the amnps going I have the tray. Just make sure when you light it it's burning good. If you can blow out the flame and then blow really hard and get the flame back seems to be the key I've never had it go out. My only problem is this smoker not having a vent like the others. I get alot of white smoke because it doesn't vent enough. I've been trying to find a vent mod I might just have to drill more holes in it. Can leave the door open a bit but makes for bad temp swings.

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