will a AMNPS work in a 18.5 wsm?

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  1. rdwhahb

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    As titled I am looking into getting a 5x8 AMNPS will this work in my 18.5 wsm? I want to use it for cheese and maybe nuts?  IF yes then what else are you all using the AMNPS for??
  2. tjohnson

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    Yes, but for cold smoking only

    The charcoal uses up most of the available oxygen, leaving very little for the pellets to burn

  3. rdwhahb

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    Do you recommend using the water pan or no? By the way, my wife was the one that called you on your cell! (Jennie1974)
  4. tjohnson

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    Sure, sick your wife on me to do the dirty work!!!


    The water pan will help disperse the smoke inside your WSM, but not necessary

    If you're planning on smoking cheese, you could fill the water pan with blocks of ice.  When the smoke smoke hits this "Cold Mass", it's tempered and reduces the temp in your smoker.  Cheese sweats around 90° or so

    This time of year is great for smoking cheese and you should not need to use any ice

  5. rdwhahb

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    Thanks for all the help! Already have a few 1# packs of cheese waiting lol.
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  6. tank

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    Yeah it will work for cold smoking.  I have the 22.5 WSM and use the AMNPS in it for cheese all the time.  I usually keep the water pan in place.  I tried once to put the amnps in the water pan (no water or ice) and the cheese on the top rack.  The temps were a little to high for me.  I now keep the amnps on the charcoal grate with the bottom vents open and the top vent open.  No problem cold smoking cheese or nuts.
  7. Do you folks use pellets or dust in the maze to cold smoke cheese, nuts, salt, etc?
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  9. tank

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    I have used both.  If smoking cheese and it is hot out I will use dust because it releases less heat.  If outside temperature isn't an issue then it depends on what type of smoke I want to apply.  I have found that lighting one end of pellets is about equal to lighting both ends of dust.
  10. damon555

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    I used dust and put a few jugs full of ice in that water pan. Make sure you keep the AMNPS in an area that won't get dripped on by the condensation that might build up on the bottom of the water pan.

    If you look closely you can see the AMNPS in the bottom of my 22.5" WSM

  11. jennie1974

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    I'm always doing the dirty work lol
  12. Actually the 12" A-Maze-N Tube smoker works great in both the 18" and the 22.5" WSMs for smoking cheese (ice in the water pan). It runs for about 4 hours on one load of pellets; that seems to be plenty of time for my smoked cheese. Hope this is helpful.
  13. dave17a

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    Thats a big block of cheese. Smoker a long time

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