Wild Turkey - How would you smoke it????

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by dwaytkus, May 6, 2013.

  1. dwaytkus

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    So I have some fresh wild turkey breasts that I want to try smoking but never have.  How would you do it?  How have you done it?  Was it good or better yet out of this world???

  2. dwaytkus

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  3. sipp

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    It has been a while and was one of my very first smokes on an old cheap brinkman charcoal smoker. I would brine it with salt and either brown sugar or maple syrup for a day or two.
    Mine was skinless so I wraped it with bacon and smoked it until it was done. maybe a little under cooked. If I remember correctly I did the legs and tighs as well and chopped them up with bbq sauce for sandwiches. They were both good.
    If I am lucky enough to go turkey hunting and be successful this year I think I would do it the same way on my MES with apple chips. maybe change the brine and use apple juice instead of water.

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