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Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by chemicalex, Dec 21, 2013.

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    Hi all,
    I'm a new member from the SF Bay Area and I'm looking for a gift for my dad. He'll often go hunting for wild boar in the area and he's taken an interest in smoking and curing much of the meat. We have some charcuterie books, but much of them are lacking in finer points of dealing with wild animals (do you use the fat? If not, why? That kind of stuff). Do you have any suggestions for a book I could get him?

  2. Hello.  Welcome.  I see this is your first post.  Please take some time and swing over to Roll Call and introduce yourself so that we may give you a proper "Hello".  All info you can provide us with such as smoker type, location and so on will help us answer any questions you may have. I can't give you an answer about a book.  Point your Dad to the site.  Many recipes on here.  Good Luck.

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    Chem, morning.... The only advice I can give you is...... When it comes to wild pigs, it is recommended to freeze the meat for 30+ days at a temp below 0 deg F to insure the parasites are killed, before you continue processing.... That is any type of processing... including pork chops for dinner etc......


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