wild camel,its not that different to Elk maybe.

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by moikel, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. moikel

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    Hi huntsmen,Im doing camel that is caught wild in our deserts[​IMG]then calmed down for a few weeks then processed.I should probably have put it in here but I stuck it in beef because Im going to do beefy style things & the cuts are all labelled like beef.If your interested &/or think you can offer some advice check it out.
  2. roller

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    Did you catch it or shoot it...
  3. oldschoolbbq

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    [​IMG]  I'm watching this...[​IMG], come on AL, I got the Popcorn,and BYOB.[​IMG]
  4. moikel

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    Neither Im a long way away from camel country,like the distance from Louisiana to say Idaho. Theres an industry thats sprung up trying to use the meat as a harvest of wild animals rather than shoot them from helicopters & leave them for the crows,dingos ,foxs & flies . Its got to the point in the true outback where there are feral; donkey,horse,goat,camel,cattle in big numbers. In the thread in beef I have tried to explain it. Better that people,particularly Aboriginal people in desert communities ,make some $$ capturing them live ,calming them down then processing them than just letting them run amok destroying desert habitat etc.

    I figured I would have a shot at doing something that fits the forum,Im way out there on the edge in smoking terms but thats just me.

    I hope to get my hands on it this week. I used to hunt,I still own rifles but choose not to now a days its a lot harder here with our gun control laws. Once upon a time I  made $$ shooting foxs before the fur trade collapsed ,I also shot a hell of a lot of kangaroos,emu's ,pigs,goats but not now.

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