Wild Boar question

Discussion in 'Pork' started by cheech, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. I have some wild boar being delivered this week.

    How should I smoke it?

    Does it get treated just like regular pork?

    How does it taste compare to regular pork?
  2. waiting to take notes ....
  3. Wild boar is much more lean than confinement raised swine. So it will dry out. You will have to either baste it often or wrap it in bacon or what I use is fresh side slabs. Smoke with apple and oak.
    Tastes every bit as good as domestic pork, probably better. Depends on who you are, like anything else.
  4. tonto1117

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    I have also read that wild boar should be cooked to a minimal internal temp of 170* to kill of any "nasties".
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    I agree with Gunslinger. Much leaner, so you must baste, wrap in bacon, inject, and/or marinate. Whatever you choose to do, it will taste better than store bought. I haven't bought any pork chops in several years.
  6. I wonder if brining/marinating would help?

    I remeber Mama soaking some kind of wild meat in a saltwalter and garlic brine over night before cooking but I'm thinking it was elk or bear ...
  7. We soak some wild game in salt water to knock some of the gameyness out. A domestic boar will have kind of a urine flavor to it, so when our boars died, we'd soak them also. But I've never had that experience with wild swine. It's always been good without soaking. I've hunted, killed and eaten both boars and sows from MO, AR, TX, and AZ, and I couldn't tell a difference.
    Bear and elk are very gamey. You want to try something gamey? Try antelope. Stringy too.
  8. Deejay makes a note DO NOT BUY domestic boar! YUK!
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    lmao Debi !!!! [​IMG]
  10. Maybe musky would have been a better word.
  11. Great thanks for the input I will see how it goes
  12. Tom -

    I think it's to late - I will always think urine from now on .... ewwwww!


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