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  1. I don't post much, rarely at all really, but I lurk constantly. Fast forward to today.... i loaded up my MES 40 and everything I could poosibly need to do some ribs with some friends at their house. Get everything set up and running......prepping the ribs, MES purring along.... and its time to put the meat in. Get it in, shut the door, and start the wait for some outstanding ribs. A few minutes later, no smoke....temp steady......few more minutes....no smoke, temp dropping. All my settings and lights are normal, but no heat!!! Well, after a quick search of the forum, I was led right to the problem area. Couple of screws, a new connector....and like magic...I am up and smoking !! Total of about 10 minutes !!!!! The culprit??? Totally operator induced ! it appears that my fine motor skills were some what impaired by too many Irish Coffees this morning. Looks like I bumped the water pan just the right amount to splash some water that some how made it to the heating element connectors on the back. Thanks to whom ever post I read and used !!
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    Theres all kinds of information you can find here almost instantly. That's what makes SMF the greatest.

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