why do you smoke summer sausage

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  1. how do you get a smoke flavor in summer sausage, when you smoke it and it in in casing? when you stuff it, while you are making it, and put it into a plastic casing how does the smoke get through the casing. thanks
  2. chef willie

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    they are designed so the smoke gets through...called 'pre-stuck'

    They are nearly impossible to break while stuffing!

    Fibrous Casings  are easy to use and store.

    They take smoke perfectly, and adhere to the sausage as they shrink

    Soak Pre-Printed fibrous casings in warm water (maximum 100 Degree's F water) 60 minutes before using.

    All casings are pre-stuck (pin pricked) to allow for better smoking and eliminate air pockets.

    Fibrous casings are NOT EDIBLE and need to be peeled away before eating.

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