Why do people have two thermometers.

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by bevo, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. I see people that have the et-732 and a 73. Is there a purpose? I guess if your doing multiple meats I can see that.
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    Guess you answered your own question. See how helpful this forum is, they put thoughts in your head!
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    Until I got the thermapen, I tried to have a probe for each butt/roast I smoked. That got expensive, and just am trying to rely on one, two-probe remote model (ET-732 just ordered), and will "pen" the rest.

    It also helps to have one as a backup!
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    The more the better
  5. Howdy, Bevo!

    I have 3 but it was not done intentionally.  I bought one years ago and lost it; so I bought another one when I found it on sale.  Then I bought and MES and it came with one.  All of them are remote readers and I've used all three at the same time doing chickens with a probe in 3 of the 4 birds.  I was surprised and the difference in readings.

    Now I've got a jones for a Maverick pen. 
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    Pens are great and you'll be amazed at the different temps in one piece of meat, but it will drive you crazy wondering which part to go by if it's done. I just average them and go by that.
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    x2  plus my main reason was to test the built in thermometer in my MES 40 and compare it with a wireless one.
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    1 for upper grate temp, 1 for chicken, my Maverick ET-732 for lower grate and either brisket or butt, whatever is on the lower grate.  I usually have all 3 of mine going at once.  I really want to add another.  I like being informed.  I guess...
  9. I'm obsessive-compulsive, I have at least a dozen cooking thermometers!!
    And no, I do use them all at the same time, thank God I'm not quite that OCD! LOL

    ~Martin :biggrin:

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