Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? A: To Avoid Another sfprankster (mis)adventure with "Not your Mo

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by sfprankster, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Here we go again...

    Got my grubby paws on several family packs of chicken leg quarters for $0.39/lb...

    One family pack of 4, rinsed and patted dry. Ready for a mexican inspired rub and a cherry/almond/peach smoke treatment on my WSM.


    Plans for the soon to be smoked chicken, chicken salad sammies and a smoked chicken noodle soup(may be subject to change without notice [​IMG]  ).
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  2. Love me some of that crispy skin chicken...

    ...going for a fast 'n furious smoke...

    ...and climbing. [​IMG]  

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  3. We have entered the crispy skin zone... [​IMG]

  4. Pulled the first pair of quarters out of the WSM for my chicken noodle soup concoction... [​IMG]

    My favorite crispy skin has been achieved... [​IMG]


    Closed all but one of the lower vents and cutting down the smoker temperatures...

    A light honey glaze onto the last pair of chicken quarters from the organic honey bear... [​IMG]

    Almost forgot to brush it evenly onto the chicken quarter... [​IMG]

    We're almost done... [​IMG]
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  5. Chopped a variety of veggies...

    ...red bell pepper, onion, garlic, jalapeno, purple carrots, fresh thyme, bay leaves...

    Everyone into the pool(aka stockpot)...

    It's a party... [​IMG]

    ...added some homemade veggie/mushroom stock, along with fresh thyme, bay leaves and fresh cracked black pepper and Himalayan pink salt...

    ...chicken pulled nicely and added into the mix...


    ...time to let it all simmer together and marry the flavors... [​IMG]  
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  6. halfsmoked

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    [​IMG] Mom Ma not home thats meals for a week looks tasty.
  7. c farmer

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    Nice. That's gonna be good
  9. whistech

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    Looks delicious!
  10. mike5051

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    I love that soup idea!  "Point"  Awesome cook.

  11. Thanx!!!

    This was simple and the mushroom/veggies stock made it slightly different from our "usual" chicken noodle soup. [​IMG]

    We had it on the first night of our recent road trip. 

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