Why can't I post here?

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by dravery, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. I'm trying to post a recipe, but I'm being told that I have insufficient permissions.  What's the deal?
  2. chef jimmyj

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    Pictures and some downloaded posts are held for review until you have reached a certain number of postings. This keeps Spam away and gives us a chance to get to know you. All is not lost, after review your recipe will come up in the appropriate forum. Keep participating and you will be able to show us all the great stuff you can do soon...JJ
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  3. Thanks!
  4. scarbelly

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    The magic post count is somewhere around 20 posts - you can still post the pics but they will be held for moderator review then released 
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  5. That's crazy - I even posted a video last year and never got caught in moderation.  Still, I can dig it, though.  Spam makes up about 90% of forum activity these days.  This site is a clear exception to that rule - the community here is robust and committed.  Makes me miss the good old days when forums were the hot medium - the days before facebook forced us all into a short attention span format.

    Sorry if I'm rambling a bit, I've been smoking a brisket for 13 hours now.  I stalled at 156 for an hour, wrapped in foil, and stalled at 165 for the last hour.  What I'm saying is I've been for 26 hours, I've been cooking through the night, and I'm wanting to talk turkey (by which I mean brisket).  But I can't post pics and stuff until I've kicked out another few posts, which kind of limits the interestingness of my posts.  A 19 inch brisket on a 15 inch grill?  Nothing that can't be solved with a trip to the hardware store.

    Thanks again for the heads up - now I'm only 4 posts away from being able to post pictures again ;^)

    Keep on smoking - Al
  6. alblancher

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    I don't know when they installed the filter?  It's surprising that a video didn't get stopped,  maybe one of the Admins was on their toes and approved it quickly.   Are you still having trouble posting?  Go ahead and make the post and see if someone can approve it for you?
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  7. All sorted - thanks.

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