Why can't I find a tri-tip?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokewithmeman, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. I live in southwestern PA, about a half hour north east of Pittsburgh. I have looked for a tri-tip at a few of the local grocery stores, and Sam's. When I ask for a tri-tip, the butchers look at me like I'm speaking another language. Does this cut of meat go by another name?
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    Surprised Sam doesn't carry them I've heard other say they get them there I think. You may have luck at a more traditional butcher shop. I never used to see them around me until a new butcher shop opened and there not always in there case but often still have them. But now even one of our local grocery stores is carrying them at a even better price!! Good luck finding some!:drool
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    Yep, like b said... Ask a butcher !
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    Walmart has them most of the time I'm my area of E KY but in some areas it goes by bottom sirloin butt.
  6. Thanks guys. I'll have to try Walmart, and some of the local butcher shops.
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    Trader Joe's usually carries them. I've seen them in the one on Penn Ave. in East Liberty.
  8. Thanks, I'll have to give Trader Joe's a try.
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    Interesting timing on this thread.  Tri tips are ubiquitous out here in CA.  Just this past Monday when I was at the grocer looking for some meat to smoke for this week and this weekend I saw packaged single tri tips next to a couple large vacuum packed roasts.  The roasts were labeled "bottom sirloin butt" and someone hand wrote "tri tips" on the labels with a magic marker.   
  10. Costco sells them out here. A little pricey but really good quality. I've seen em at Walmart and restaurant supply type stores too. Hopefully you can find a few as they are so good. I love mine with a good java rub. 
  11. Thanks fellas. I appreciate the help and guidance greatly, I actually found them at a local grocery store called Naser's. Just had to ask the butcher! I plan on giving it a try tomorrow!
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    Man , I'm glad you found some , now you can do your plan . We'll be waiting for the Q-view with baited breath and a big ole cup of Coffee . [​IMG]

    Have fun and . . . 
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    I would be super happy if you could not find a tri tip!  [​IMG]

    We used to get them cheap but now they are expensive?  Too many of you learned about our little secret!  [​IMG]

    They are part of the bottom sirloin butt.  Only two per carcass.

    Your butcher should need no more info.  The bottom sirloin butt is usually cut into the ball tip (185b), the flap (185a) and the tri tip (185 c & d). One being with the fat cap and the other with the fat cap trimmed.

    The only good thing?  Back in the old days, this wonderful cut of meat was ground up for hamburger?

    Good luck and good smoking.
  14. You can ask for Newport Steak, Santa Maria steak or a similar cut called a culotte steak.
  15. Well guys, as I stated before I found a tri tip, which ended up not being a tri tip but a top sirloin butt cut into a triangle. So I went to another grocery store and the butcher told me I didn't want a tri tip. He said what I was looking for a ball tip. I took him at his word, and low and behold, a tri tip and ball tip are different. So, I eventually found my way to a slaughterhouse and got the ever elusive tri tip. I bought three of them!! I'm smoking one tonight to go along with my 7lb pork butt that has been on the WSM since 5:00 AM. Also have bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers slated for appetizers later on today.
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    Wow!!! Sure hope it turns out very good for you That was a lot of work.

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