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Discussion in 'Beef' started by jake, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. jake

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    Friday or Saturday morning I was perusing the beef section of this fine board when I happened on a post about "Beef Ribs and Brats", well this sounded very appetizing to me so I went to Krogers and much to my dismay there were no beef ribs. Now the brats on the other hand I buy fresh from a "Mom and Pop" joint here in New Holland, Ohio so aquiring those didn't pose a problem. Well here it is Tuesday evening and I have purchased an adequate amount of beef ribs and brats to satisfy my hunger on Thanksgiving day because I do not care for turkey but now, I can't find the post! Well to the author of this post or anyone who has read it, the brats were finished with a cayenne mustard on white bread and the author voiced his opinion about being taken with "bones for weight" in his rib package. My problem is this, I would like the "cayenne mustard recipe" and being my first time with beef ribs, some pointers. Now I enjoy Wasabi as much as the next guy but on beef ribs, didn't appeal to me, not that I wouldn't try it, just???
    Please don't be offended by the title of this post as it is just to get attention, as you can see I'm a little desperate!
    Thank you much and Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. the dude abides

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    Do a search for "tonights beef ribs an sausage". I'm on my iPod and can't copy/paste. See if that's the one you're looking for from fire it up. Good luck
  3. bbq engineer

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    My guess is that this is the post you are talking about. Don't worry about putting a shocking title on your posts...there are a lot of people here and I guarantee it will be read and responded to.

    Good luck
  4. fire it up

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    Jake, I was going topost the link assuming mine was the one you meant but BBQ Engineer beat me to it.
    The mustard I used was from an exchange with Beer-B-Q, it is truly something I would highly suggest.
    Wish I could give you the recipe but it has a bit of tang from the mustard, a really nice sweetness from the honey and then a slight sweet bite from the cayennes. If that helps any...
  5. jsanders

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    It sure beats "I've got a question" as a heading!
  6. fire it up

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    Here is a pic of the bottle and a pic of the ingredients list, maybe you can work with something and figure out a good sauce. If you do I would love to have the recipe [​IMG]
  7. gnubee

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    I just don't get it, what's a wisea number number ??? And why is that shocking?
  8. luvdatritip

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    I agree! Hey, it's winter time, so if that's "shocking", better slip another couple of layers of skin on.
  9. mballi3011

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    All of them are some good sauces and now I can even (thanks to beer B Q) use the rubs too now.

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