Who's in GA here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dtj16, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. dtj16

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    Hey all. Just curious how many Georgians are out there? This is one of the first new posts I've made myself. I'm 34, a rookie who got my first smoker in June this year and am totally hooked. I Live in Canton.
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    Here's a bunch of them.


    It appears as though nobody has started a "Georgia Group". Maybe you could do that.

  3. I live in Southwest Georgia on the Florida/Georgia Line.  

    I am 25 and I've been Smoking Meat since I was in High School. I started working at a BBQ restaurant when I was a Junior and have been crazy about it since then. I hope to own a restaurant one day, until then we are in the process of getting into catering. 
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  4. dtj16

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    Thx for the tip Bear- I think I will. I'm new, but want to get more involved in the "community".
    To learn from the gurus and help those that feel as lost as I did first starting. I was hijacking posts and all kinds of rude things. Oh yeah, and ruining some good cuts of meet the first time or 2.

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