Wholly Moly Batman! Rolled Steel is not cheap!

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by busmania, Sep 25, 2015.

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    I was thinking about making another smoker.  I started getting quotes for rolled steel for the CC and firebox.  $675 for a 42" x 20" diameter x 3/16" pipe and a 22" x 20" diameter 3/16 pipe?  Damn, seemed high to me.  This does not even include the end caps.  Guess my plans might be changing unless I find a cheaper source.  Is this price about right?  After adding end caps ($100 each), I can buy the Yoder I was going to model mine after for that price!
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  2. Paying for labor. You got less than $200 in steel there.
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    For sure.  It's got to take a long time to roll that.  I started shopping steel pipe.  Way cheaper (21' of 20" diameter for $900...why not make 4 smokers?).  I just wonder how thick it is.  I am waiting to hear back.  The 60 gallon compressor tank I have in my garage is looking better and better the more I research this one.  But, I already did a compressor build and was hoping for flat ends...and not reverse flow either. 
  4. Shop around and find someone that will roll that cheaper for you. Most shops are not good at making a perfect circle, so they charge more. Think about building it shaped like a mail box. Less labor to roll and no need for rounded bottom??? Easier to build. Doesnt have to be so tall???

    Just an ideal
  5. Sometimes the scrap yard has big diameter pipe schedule 40 and plate for ends some places sell by the lb some sell buy the ft. Doesn't hurt to check . Around here scrap is really cheap right now the prices have dropped a lot lately
  6. Wish you were closer, I would hook you up with some pipe
    I work on natural gas pipelines and have a good surplus of 16-42in pipe
    I am in ohio

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