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  1. Hello everyone

    I'm going to be smoking a whole top round tomorrow. I have it marinading right now so it will be ready for the morning. My question to everyone is, what's an approximate time? It's just shy of 22# and I'll be cooking it at about 220 degrees.
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    Nice piece of meat, I'll give the post a bump so the experts see it .happy smoking !
  3. 22 pound. Geeze that's huge.
    Most say 2 hours per pound.
    Some say 1.5 hours per pound.
    Either way your in for a long cook
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    You don't go by weight, but rather, by thickness of the piece of meat. 

    What you look at is the thickest part of the shortest dimension of the meat.    Say that when laying on the counter, the hunk of beef is 15 inches from left to right, 12 inches from front to back, and 7 inches from top to bottom, then 7 inches determines the cook time.    As the shape isn't uniform, be sure to measure at the thickest part.

    BigPhilly, couple of questions.  Are you going to truss this roast up with butcher's twine ?  Or cook as is ?   Will it be in a pan of some sort that will "shape" it ?  Or are you just going to plop it down on a cooking rack ?     Whatever you decide, you then need to see what the shortest side is at it's thickest point and that will determine it's cook time.    I can't really give you an estimate right now as I have no idea of the actual size from looking at the pic as there isn't anything to reference for scale.   That said,  at 220 - 250, the cook will take less than 12 hours, probably quite a bit less.

    Also, we'd need to know what temp you want to take it to.  Personally, I'd go to about 130ish for some nice, rare to mid rare sliced roast beef. 
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