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  1.    Haven't done a whole Pigglet in a long time.The IC club wants one for a going away party for it's Pres.(Nomad now)going to Utah to train in one of Jay Leno's shops.

        Question,Iburried mine last time;will 225-50* be good and is it best skinside down?Going to rub with my own rub and put in smoker.Would this be enough heat and will a 30-40lb.Pig fit in my 2040 Tejas?

        I have no doubt of being able to do it,but just checking.Smoking with Hickory and Maple and no charcoal (pre-burn).How long should I expect to donness?No stuffing and no sauce, so it's not a problem.

       Any advice is appreciated.[​IMG]

    Stan    aka    oldcshoolbbq -


       I wanted to do Butts as they are better(IMHP)...[​IMG]

     and I would be startled if any of them want to snack on the Eyes,Brain or skin.

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    Stan, evening, I have only done a whole hog on a spit that I built. It was done in an enclosed smoker.  It was 120 #, no rub, no seasoning. (long before I knew of this place). It rotated at 2 rpm and cooked at 200-225. It took 6 hrs to get to 165* F. The hog was skin on, head on, legs on, and was so juicy you needed a bib. The meat fell apart when cut into. I think because the outside was hotter than the inside and it steamed in places. Wish I could find the pics. That was 15+ years ago. 
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    Whatever you do Stan, don't forget the Q-view.

    We all wanna see this one!
  4. Oh,yes. I do intend to get pics[​IMG].Since I'll probably do it on site,I'll have a (sort of) photojournalist. Don't be surprised there will be a bunch of Bikers[​IMG],so see you in a few days,meanwhile I'll sit here and critque[​IMG]  LOL

     Have fun and...
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