Whole Packer Brisket -- cook point separately?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by nickmv, Aug 29, 2013.

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    So I've got a nice 13.5lb packer brisket here, but I'm concerned about the difference in thickness from the point end to the flat end.

    The flat end is about 1 inch thick at the very end (which is not that thick), but the point end is probably 5 inches thick. My concern -- the point end taking so long that the flat end dries out and burns.

    I plan to inject it with a brisket injection (broth, spices, etc), but I'm wondering if I should just separate the point BEFORE cooking, and have them cooking side by side. I've got enough space, as I'm working with a Yoder 640 pellet pit, but I just don't want to F this up. I've done plenty of flats, but never a whole packer.

  2. you can separate it now or during the cook...whichever you want to do.
  3. nickmv

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    But don't try to cook to completion as a whole packer? That's my real question. With the difference in thickness, I'm concerned about it.
  4. kathrynn

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    Agree that it would be your choice.....but you see the folks on the BBQ shows cooking them as one unit.  Why not cook all as one.

  5. mneeley490

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    You can if you like. I do. Just make sure the thick end (point) is closest to the heat source.
  6. i wouldnt be concerned at all..if youre concerned any, wrap it up with some butcher paper. i leave mine unwrapped most of the time, if i do wrap i use BP, never foil. youre just going to wanna watch it as far as placement, know your hot and cool spots of your smoker, and you should be fine when the time comes, also i never separate either..i run it whole without a problem. never dry.
  7. gotbags-10

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    You got a couple of options. If you think you want to make burnt ends cook until flat is done then separate and cube up the point, toss with some rub and sauce and throw them on a medium heat grill for about 15-20 min to crisp them up and render out a little more fat. If you want to have sliced point then since it is so much bigger than your flat it won't be done when the flat is. Technically it will but it will be pretty fatty still. Not really a texture I like but some do. So what you could do is separate the flat and point when the flat is done( toothpick tender and not a moment sooner) then throw the point back on at a ramped up temp while you have the flat resting. The point is done when you can get it to jiggle kinda like jello or you can poke your finger into it. When I buy my packer briskets if I want sliced point then I look for one that has as much even thickness all the way from point to flat. If I'm doing burnt ends then I get one with a huge point. I like it both ways!! Good luck
  8. nickmv

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    You pretty much nailed it on the head. I want to make burnt ends with the point, as I've never cooked a whole packer.

    So, basically measure my temps in the flat, and ignore the point's temps? Then cube the point (regardless of temp) and slather with more sauce and rub, put in aluminum pan, and toss back on the smoker for another couple hours? I'd rather go slower with the point, as I have a Yoder smoker so I'd rather not crank it to 500F.

    Edit: Here's some pics of the beast. Hope I'm not violating any posting rules.

    Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3

    As you can see, it's quite thick.
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