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Discussion in 'Pork' started by ltdanbbq, Oct 10, 2016.

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    Alright folks. Need a bit of input/help after scrolling the forum for a bit. Doing a whole hog this weekend (Mr Pig is currently at the butchers for a scrape/dress). Live weight of pig was 165. Dressed I'm assuming will be 115.

    Cooker photos can be seen here:

    It's a converted 275 gallon tank. Fire box/drawer is set up to use charcoal. There's a grease trap similar to inferred grills to prevent flare ups. As far as temps go, a trial this weekend showed the cook top can be held at 225-275 using this set up. A lil q-view from Sunday as follows: .

    The need for help would be what should I expect for a cook time? One forum said 1 hour per ten pounds, another said a full 24 hours. The whole guys gonna be made into pulled pork, so what's the preferred temp to shoot for?

    What to rub the skin with? Should it be basted throughout the cook?

    Side note, were stuffing the chest cavity with a #10 can of kraut. Hams and shoulders will be injected with a solution I found here. Should be good.

    Thanks for the help guys, I'm sure I'll come up with more questions as it gets closer.

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    I'm in on this one.  I've never done a whole pig--just can't figure how to get it into my MES 30.  So I'll just watch yours.

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    Ha. Love my MES-30. Bit small for this cookout though. I'll post pictures as we go.

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