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  1. First try at smoking a whole hog, 100lbs. dressed with skin on, I put a rub in the cavity, injected the meat and rubbed oil on the skin, used lump charcoal with a split of hickory and cherry, smoked at 250 degrees for 10 1/2 hrs. to internal temp of 205 degrees, on a Peoria Cookers Meat Monster with internal firebox, smoked hog skin side up for 5 hrs. then turned skin side down, last hour of cook applied a finishing glaze to cavity, results, meat turned out very tender, moist and had great flavor.

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    gave ya points on that one... great job... Thumbs Up
  3. The only downside I see to that is I wasn't close enough to get an invite. Looks great, good job.
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    I'll take half, thanks! [​IMG]  Looks great.
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    :drool I'll take some!
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    Nice looking Hog and that Meat Monster is one SWEEET RIG! I told the Mrs' I wanted one. Then she asked, " How much? " [​IMG]  End of that conversation...[​IMG]...JJ
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    Pretty pig! Never saw one cooked that was clean neat, plump, and I have seen more than a few. Course they were bigger too.

    Nice job, nice presentation.
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    Funny how that works. I don't think that conversation would last long in my house ether
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    Looks very nice!

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    That looks great! [​IMG]
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    Nice Smoke!

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    Dang it man!!! That looks scrumptous [​IMG]   Very Nice 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker [​IMG]

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    Beautiful job on that pig.


  16. Question is.....was my invite lost in the mail??????

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