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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am taking on a new project - you know - because I don't have enough already. So, the new project is a rotisserie lg enough for a whole pig.. or deer, or any of Gods many other tasty animals. I have a basic plan in mind but am at a loss as to what type of motor to use. 

    The basic design is going to be simple - because simple Usually = Cheep. Basically it is this:

    Two stacks of 3 cinder blocks with an  8'  3/4" stainless steel rod spanning them. At one end of the rod will be a roller bearing and at the other will be the motor and associated drive equipment (Chain, gears etc..) and another roller bearing. Along the rod will be various impaling devices used to secure the victim to the rod.   

    So this brings me to my dilemma. what kind of motor should I use? I am shooting for 2 to 3 rpm as a final rotation speed and obviously need a continuous run motor with a decent torque rating. Any Suggestions? think cheep or free... 


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    Not sure,  but Im ready for some of the guys (and gals) advice. Im am do a pig roast (my first) in two weeks and thought about a rotisserie build similar to what you are wanting to build. Instead since I am doing this said roast at my local pub, and not sure what the laws would be have an open pit lit so I decided to just build a whole cinderblock inclosed pit and using convectional heat for this go round. For my first big roast, I figured this would be the easiest for me to maintain some of the same temps..

    EIther way, I look forward to see what ya go with.. what the others have to say.. remember to document and share your build and cooks on it :)


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