whole chickens .. take 2.. brine temp ?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by gorillagrilla, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Having learned lessons from last weeks bird fiasco , ( no stuffing this time !![​IMG] ) I will make 2nd try tomorow . having learned from this forum about safety zone temps , I am concerned about the temp. of my brine mix. The chicken tutorial says brine small chickens for at least 4 hrs. I then assume my water should be below 40 degrees . Not having room in the fridge for my container , should I ice the brine mix to keep it in the safety zone ? Does the safety zone still apply under water ?I would think so but gotta ask !Thanks in advance .
  2. abelman

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    If you can't put them in the fridge, put the brine and the bird/s in a plastic bag. Then place in a cooler with ice and you're good to go.
  3. cheech

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    Either place the birds in the brine in a ice chest with ice or place them in a plastic bag in the brine in the refrigerator but they must be below 40F
  4. hockeyhead

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    I've got a six gal. bucket I use. Bird, brine, lid and outside it goes this time of year.
  5. jerkyaddict

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    i'm with hockeyhead on that one , i use a stainless 5gal stock pot i acquired from a friend in the biz ... but yeah i will half cook my brine to 'make sure all solid's sugar , salt , and stuff get melted in then @ this time of year put it outside fer a half day , then add bird then back outside and depending on how much salt you use soak a few hours or overnight....havnt had any trouble with this process aside the feather's sprouting from time to time...lol
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    Cooler it..good advice. If it hits 45 don't panic..that's a LEETLE edge the salt brine buys ya. Key is get it hot fast. Get them birds to 140 within 2 hours if ya can, then ease off. 4 is FDA... but why? Heat 'em up quick, finish slower. Gives mop time...always good. And a spike at the end if like 'em crispy.
  7. richtee

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    He's in California... now ya know why we ask newbies where they are.
  8. jerkyaddict

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    oooh i missed the cali part.....richtee good detecting skill's , so yes cooler or fridge it . chill it...wich ever
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    well this was a week ago he was cooking -hope all turned out-heck a dollar short & a day late grilla-but were here.
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    You can soak them in your brine bucket with ice enclosed in a ziplock to keep it from diluting your brine. Put one or so inside the cavity, and whatever fits in the bucket without causing the brine to spill over. Change the ice bags as needed. This will for sure keep your temp down.

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