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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by thathdbandit, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Hi, im using my new smoker for the first time this sunday and i just wanted to ask a couple of questions so that ive got all the prep i need, thanks in advance

    1.the smoker says it needs to be seasoned and ive read and be told on hear to spray some oil on the inside before i start, but the instructions just say to start a fire and let it burn for a few hours.

    2. can you still cook (ill be doing a whole chicken) whilst you do your initial seasoning?

    3.im going to try brining as well could someone give a nice basic brining solution/reciepe (is table salt ok)

    4.a cracking rub to use (i love hot stuff, im a ghost pepper man)

    5.what the temp needs to be with the meat thermometer for doneness when cooked

    6.would you use a sauce at the end like pulled pork or just serve as is.

    Again many thanks and sorry for so many questions but ive got the newb nervousnesses, and want to try and not muck up to much

    oh and what is "qview"
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  3. venture

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    I don't know what kind of smoker you have.  If it is a horizontal offset, be sure to season it and do your first few smokes on grass or another surface where some dripping of oil will not be a problem.

    Low and slow is not that necessary on chicken, it will stay moist if handled reasonable.

    If you decide to brine, avoid iodized salt as it can contribute an off flavor.

    Sauces are a personal preference.  I don't sauce my chix, but I have to sauce pieces for my other half. LOL

    As mentioned, chix is safe at 165 and I like this at the breast so it doesn't dry out.  For thighs, I prefer the texture produced at 175.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  4. smokinal

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    Sounds like they got you covered.
  5. meateater

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    Yup they got you covered except the hot stuff. If you dont have a rub yet just get a store bought rub for poultry and add whatever hot pepper powder you like, if no dry chili available that you like just mix the rub with olive oil and use your favorite hot sauce mixed in with it. Alot of folks dry rub but I personally like to wet rub my meats, but thats just me. I'm also a chili head the hotter the better. This is a true bhut jolokai I hope stays alive, I'm a better smoker than a farmer. These are a pain to grow. 

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  6. venture

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    Meat is a dam farmer compared to me.  There isn't hardly a plant I can't wreck if you give me enough time.  LOL I bet I grow better weeds than he does tho. Especially in my garden and my lawn.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  7. thathdbandit

    thathdbandit Newbie

    cheers guys
  8. thathdbandit

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    Hi, didnt have a chance to start my smoking quest last week due to the great british summer weather (sigh).

    Anyway i did have a chance to season my Amigo yesterday and as per the advice i gave the inside and all the grills etc a good oiling, just thought id share a few piccys (good way to practise using the uploading tools etc).


    Its surprising how much you learn just from the seasoning process as a first timer, about how hot it is likely to get and for how long, adjustments of vents, different positions of the grills etc.

    Going to use for the first time tommorow and will be doing a whole chicken soaked in brine overnight, then a  memphis rub before smoking over charcoal and hickory chips.

    ill post some more piccys of my hopefully successful first smoke soon lol
  9. flash

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    Bandit, I would not trust that "in the lid" temp gauge that came with your smoker. I never checked the one in my Brinkman and could not figure out why I seemed to like smoking my meats at 180º (Back in ' 74 or so) then I finally checked it out and found out it was off by 65º and was actually reading 245º which is a pretty good/average smoker temp.
  10. thathdbandit

    thathdbandit Newbie

    im going to buy an oven thermometer and stick it in the top on the rack and compare temps, would this be suitable?

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