Whole Boneless Rib Eye Roast

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  1.   Hope this is ok in general discussion....not sure if it should have been under sub-title beef

                    Ok...so the whole rib eye roast is on sale here this week for $5.99lb. I've never done one but feel I can somewhat have a go of it with the sale price for July 4th weekend (Sat).  Its going to be on a new smoker as well. Picking up a Weber Smokey Mountain 22 1/2and a Maverick Et-733 in the morn. I've read and read on here and it's time to pull the trigger.  Was going to do a basic SPG rub on the meat and go at it low and slow @ 275  charcoal with Cherry chunks till an internal of around 125-130 deg. Not sure how long that is going to take. These are averaging about 12-14lbs. Any first timer tips? I have a couple questions if u don't mind.

                    When I pull off at 125-30, wrap and place in cooler, how long do u let it rest. Another thing...can I cut these into 3/4 inch slices of steak or do most ppl slice thin and do like sandwich style. We want steaks. Also...do I need burn anything out in the smoker before I use it the first time or let 'er rip. 

       Thanks alot for you help/advice
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    Wsm is good first out of the box but does ron a little hot. I did 2 7#ers at christmas on my wsm over cherry. The meat was fantasic. I cooked to 135 it and rev seared the meat esp for the well done crowd. I had about 10 ppl and 7# fed with leftovers.

    Night before a little olive oil the spg to make it stick. In the am put the temp probe in the middle smoked around 280 for around 4 hours. Wrap and let rest 30-45 minutes and slice and sear the edges for my wife fam who liked it overcooked and serve as is to everyone else! Let me get some pics...

    The slices werent great cuz i need better knife skills but the flavor was first rate!

    Hope this helps,
    phatbac (Aaron)
  3. Srry for late response back. Been busier than a 1 armed wallpaper hanger.
    Those pics are awesome. Doing mine tomm. Thanks a lot for in the info. Much appreciated

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