White smoke and bitter meat in the Smokin Tex 1400

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  1. I've read the articles about drilling bigger holes for more oxygen to use amnps. If anyone has done this,did it make a difference in the flavor of the meat in comparison to putting chunks of wood in the wood box of the ST1400. I have even cut it down to 1 oz of apple and the ribs still had a bitter taste.Just wondering if this mod would be worth it. Also does drilling the extra hole effect the temperatures in the oven?
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    Some folks have drilled holes to improve the air flow and combustion of the fuel.... they were happy with the results... food tasted better..... I think the Smokin' Tex folks recommend something like a Tbs. of chips is all you need to smoke foods in their smoker... Don't know for sure..... Don't have one...

    It shouldn't have an effect on the oven temp..... The thermostat takes care of that.... The max. smoker temp. may be lowered, due to the cool air flow into the smoker.... Most smoking doesn't need to be over 225 deg. F..... If you do need to cook something on a higher temp., finish the smoke at lower temps and move the meat into the kitchen oven.....
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    After you back off on your smoke, if you still have that bitter taste you may have to clean the interior of your smoker. If its been heavily smoked with too much smoke it can bind to the metal and stay there until heated again, where it can return to the food by means of the start up consensate.

    I have had to clean a pit that was borrowed before. Wasn't fun. I know it sux, but I hope you don't need to clean it.

    Before starting to re-engineer and modify, I would re-read the owners manual, and possibly contact the manufacture. Don't know I have heard anyone required to drill holes so maybe its something easily remedied.

    Dave has forgot more than I know but I always check easy first.
  4. The owners manual said not to get rid of the blackness in the smoker. Their forum said if it gets heavy enough to scale inside to scrape with a credit card but never clean it back to true stainless steel. I know I've never seen tbs in this smoker ever. It's a white cloud ... Even if I use half an ounce to smoke almonds and they still taste like camp fire after half an hour of smoke.
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    Call there customer service. Once you have tried all the easy means of finding an answer, then charge up the batterys on that cordless drill. I have always been naive and believe that folks should service what they sell, no matter where its made.
    Sales / Customer Service:
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    Smoking nuts and cheeses are different.

    When you first smoke them they taste like dirty ash-trays. You must allow them to sit and mellow before they taste good.
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    If you had very thick smoke, that black stuff is creosote.... It comes from incomplete combustion.... sticky, tar like substance.... crank the heat up to max and burn it out, or turn it to charcoal...

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