Whisky Soaked Oak

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    Hi all,
    Let me introduce myself,
    I've been using coals for over 16 years using many types of wood and always looking for the right type of wood to bung on the smoker (or BBQ) to give a little bit extra.I think that after living in the Highlands of Scotland I've finally found what I (and the rest of us)have been looking for.

    100% American white oak that has been used in making casks that have then been filled and then used for cask conditioning Scotch Whisky for up to 12 years.I used to use this to burn in my fireplace until i realised that the sweet smoke could be used to flavour any type of meat going. I've smoked Turkeys,Salmon,chicken and a whole lot else and believe you me it really makes a difference compared to to the chips you can buy online or at your local store.

    MY old Brinkmann smoker really gives good results with this and so too come to think does my Weber smoky Joe.The heat really is intense due to the combination of Oak and whisky.

    Would anyone be interested in getting some of this? If you would,then send me a message and I'll see what I can do.I'll promise to keep postage to a minimum.The wood comes in packs of 1 Kilo and is either Macallan or Benriach soaked Oak chips.I can provide postage rates if you ask depending on where you live.

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