Whiskey Spare Ribs for the Wandering Daughter with Q-view!

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    Daughter #1 is leaving tomorrow -- AGAIN!!!!  [​IMG]This has been a year of traveling for her, so our visits have been few and far between.  I put her on another plane tomorrow morning, so I thought I would treat her to one of my newer creations for dinner tonight (she has yet to try this one).

    These spares were a manager's special at a local market: $1.67/lb.!!  I usually prefer BB's, but spares are just fine for a Friday night farewell meal.  These were very meaty ribs.


    Here I am, teaching her how to do it right: peel off the membrane...


    One membrane peeled really easily, the other was a major pain!  Salt, Pepper, & smoke were next....


    Smoked them for 3 hours at 225* with ash wood from our own tree.  Then we foiled them & continued the cook for another 1.5 hours or so.  Sort of a modified 3-2-1 method.  Here's how I modify it: at this point, I split the ribs into two-rib segments, cover with a whiskey sauce, and bake in a 400* oven until the sauce thickens (takes around 60-75 minutes).  Notice the nice smoke ring on the money shot above.


    You can see more of the smoke ring in this view.  The sauce is equal parts whiskey, brown sugar, and chili sauce (I substitute 1/4 of the chili sauce with Sriracha sauce for a nice heat kick that boomerangs on ya after the initial sweet/smoke phases).  The cut ribs are placed in a baking glass and tumbled every 15 minutes to keep everything well coated with the sauce.  Cover the dish with foil until the sauce starts to bubble, then remove the foil and bake until thickened, continuing to turn & coat the ribs every 15 minutes.  The final result is this:


    And this:


    Fall-off-the-bone tender, moist smokey goodness!!!  (Some of the ribs were removed from the baking dish for serving before I grabbed the camera.  We actually smoked two racks of ribs, which all fit into a 9x13 pan.)

    Dinner included mashed spuds, corn, iced tea, and a dessert to be named later.  Needless to say, my oldest was very happy with her goodbye dinner.  It's food like this that keeps them coming home no matter how far they wander!

    Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend!  Smoke on!!!
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    Man those ribs look awesome James. Great send off for your daughter!
  3. man those look great that would have been an over eat evening for me for sure lol nice work

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